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Who to entrust the creation of a site to a qualified programmer or freelancer.

Starting an online activity, the site will be a key factor in your success. In this case, the success of the project is determined at the stage of creating the site. In particular, programming, design, etc. are responsible for a positive result.

The cost of services of an experienced specialist / team (web studio), by definition, is not from the category of cheap. The price, inflated by the customer, forces it to descend into the dark nooks of freelance stock exchanges in search of budget options, giving the job to a freelancer. Is this a reasonable savings? Now find out.



relatively low cost of services.

Work “on trust” / non-contractual basis
Deadline Breach
“Wry” written code
Broken expectations
Traceless disappearance
Freelancers usually do not sign contracts regarding the terms of the project. This is fraught with consequences, which we will discuss next.

The absence of a signed document, in which the deadlines and financial responsibility for non-compliance with any of the points are clearly stated are favorable conditions for the development of laziness of a budget programmer. He can spend months with the delivery of the project for several reasons (for example, while working on other orders in parallel).

Frequently, a freelancer undertakes to carry out several fundamentally different types of work at once: programming, design creation, layout, etc. (doing everything almost simultaneously). Launching a site developed by such an “expert” often opens up a lot of pitfalls: bugs, glitches, code with errors, the correction of which will cost more than writing a new code from scratch. Or there is a mysterious disappearance, as a result of which the customer remains without access to the hosting or domain.

Web Studio (team of professionals)

The exact opposite of freelancer. Even at the consultation stage regarding the creation of the site, it becomes clear that both parties are equally interested in a quality final product. Let’s start with the pros:

The presence of the contract.
Well defined deadlines.
Full range: programming, design, testing, promotion, and more. Each type of work is performed extremely qualitatively.

High cost of services
A professional team of specialists ensures the successful launch of any project, as well as provide services in its future maintenance. Comparing the disadvantages and advantages, it becomes obvious that the savings on the site is highly likely to result in significant contingencies in the long term. Conclusion: it’s easier and safer to order website creation from a web-studio. It is foolish to expect a big profit from the project, which saved by all possible means.