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Who is a layout designer. Why is it an important link when creating a site?

Every confident PC user and simple man in the Global Network has a rough idea about such specialties as a programmer, designer or tester. But we must not forget the one who does all the dirty work, conducts a delicate connection between the works of the designer and the work of the programmer. Without it, it is impossible to create a fully functioning website. It’s about the coder.

The layout process

Let’s put a typical situation in a spherical vacuum: you are a customer and you need a website. All the nuances regarding the project have already been discussed with the head of this project, your next goal is to choose the right design (or rather, choose). When a design model, assembled in stages from individual elements, forms a single whole, the layout designer enters the scene.

Design layouts are a document with images waiting to be put into practice. Now the layout created in the graphical editor must be transferred to the browser. This is how the layout acquires a new life directly on the web resource, and such a translation is called an HTML layout.

HTML coding is a time consuming process, as a result of which the site should be correctly displayed on devices of various types. The search engine algorithms react positively to sites with high-quality layout, “raising” them higher as a relevant result of a search query.

What exactly does the layout designer

In simple terms, a professional coder is an intermediary between the programmer and the designer. His profile includes both programming skills and an understanding of the basics of design. The coder takes the finished layout and describes it using tags. Those. for the programmer, the layout will look like a sequence of tags.

Main layout tools:

Text editor;
Graphics editor.
At the same time, the layout should take into account not only the type of the user’s device, but also the browser used during the stay on the site. Site owners rightly take the maker-up for the shaman, because dancing with a tambourine is an integral part of his work.