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Website promotion (SEO, contextual advertising)

They paid a lot of money, built ambitious plans, got the key, and the site does not bring anything? It is early to get upset, as the availability of the site does not guarantee anything (if they are not properly engaged). Therefore, we derive the most popular and effective ways to increase awareness and increase attendance.
SEO promotion
Search Engine Optimization – working through many aspects of a web resource, as a result of which it becomes much more attractive in the eyes of search engines. Literate SEO is when the content of the site is completely unique (+ meets all the requirements of the search engine algorithms), tags and description are correctly spelled, their own design, etc. With proper optimization, the search engines themselves will start promoting the site (closer to the top of the search results).
• stable traffic growth;
• lasting effect;
• access to the top search results.
But the effect of such a promotion can not be called lightning, because It does not belong to the category of aggressive / active. It is strongly recommended to order SEO from a qualified specialist, since the independent (incorrect) promotion has a dark side that can “sink” your site.
contextual advertising
The name of this method is derived from the word “context.” Those. what the user is looking for in a search engine, or by visiting a site of a particular subject is displayed in the ad unit. In other words: the consumer gets what he is looking for. The advantages of this method:
• high conversion (if a person follows the link on the banner, it means that he is interested in purchasing the advertised product);
• recoupment (today the cost of contextual promotion is quite democratic, and investments are beating off within a few days);
• easy setup (you can figure it out yourself).
However, unlike SEO (once paid – you reap the benefits for a long time), contextual advertising will work for you as long as you are ready to pay for it.
Each method has its own characteristics and is effective under certain conditions, and a complex application is simply a condemnation of the promoted website for success. An important point: it is strongly not recommended to engage in promotion on their own, because there is a risk not only to overpay, but to be left with nothing at all. It’s safer to use promotion services from a professional web-studio.